> March 2014
speaker at ArabNet 2014

> January 2014–May 2014
instructor at AUB // GD205: Packaging & Environmental Design
Exploring graphic forms as 3D configurations and within navigable spaces.

> September 2013–December 2013
instructor at AUB // BD100: Basic Design
For undergraduate students in Architecture & Graphic Design providing initial practical involvement in issues pertaining to design and design thinking.

> June 2013
photo featured in Middle East Report MERIP Summer 2013 issue

> June 2012
attended the 2012 SEGD Conference held in New York. Taking place in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the conference focused on connections, a.k.a., bridges, between technologies, design disciplines, and business practices.

SEGD Honor Award for Bookshelf Project, with PenguinCube

> March 2012
speaker with Tammam Yamout [as representatives of PenguinCube] at the ArabNet Digital Summit for a workshop during Developer Day entitled User Interface Design: The Self Check-in Counter

"This workshop will explore user interface design in a real-world context: the airline check-in experience. It will take an in-depth look at the parallels and differences between the traditional person-to-person airline check-in and the automated self check-in. It will explore potential improvements to the self check-in experience, making it more appealing, functional and simple by looking into user psychology, behavioral aspects, cultural norms, computer literacy, and willingness to interact. Teams of 4 will be assembled to each represent an airline and by the end of the session the teams with the best concepts will be presented. This session is a computer, tablet, smart phone free session, so leave your tech gadgets in your bag."

> March 2012
Google Tech Workshop at the American University of Beirut
attending The Business Track, focusing on in-depth product demonstrations and tools for Business Professionals (AdWords, AdSense, Creating Killer webcontent..)

> February 2010
joins PenguinCube

> November 2009
Washing Machine Flipbook (3min group animation, gd08, AUB) showing in "Beirut Animated” The first edition of an Animation Film Festival in Beirut.
16 – 20 November 2009 Metropolis Empire Sofil - Achrafieh

> October 2009
MA Graduation Show at the Bargehouse Gallery, OXO Tower on London's South Bank.
(awarded 'Best of Show' by Tim Hatley)

> July 2009
prelude to final MA Graduation Show at the main entrance of Knights Park, Kingston University.

> May 2009 becomes visible to the public

> April 2009
design for healthcare workshop with fuelfor
2-day experience design workshop as part of the Focus Module of the MA Design course at Kingston University. Students were asked to conduct design research and explore opportunities for new solutions in the neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) environment. The module is an interdisciplinary, project-based practice that introduces design students to a needs-based approach to design thinking and concept development.

> January 2009
51°30’ 21”N / 0°5’21”W
group exhibition (Kingston University MA Design students) at Shunt, London Bridge vaults, as part of the evenings programme of events