what would you need? if you had a long commute by public transportation and there is a bad smell - too much noise - stuck underground in the tube for hours - lost somewhere in the dark streets of london?

‘escharpe’ is a utility scarf, a length of fabric that can be wrapped around the body, the shoulders, the waist, or as a blanket to lie on or be wrapped up in. A utilitarian item, that has no definite rules for its use. The material of ‘escharpe’ is inspired by London bridge and the flow of the Thames River.

Exposed on the bridge or the journey taken, you might want to cover your self up, lay your head on the cushion, and fall asleep. The scarf has been designed with perforations to allow you to breathe and peek through when the head is covered, and gloves to keep your hands warm – a form of protection and comfort. Hidden in the pockets are items you might need: a travel and first aid kit, map, glow stick, compass, etc..

‘escharpe’ portrays a concept of functionality in design that accompanies you when you are exposed and vulnerable.

• gloves connected to the scarf with a long string
• tube map connected to scarf - folds and fits in flap
• perforations to breathe and peek when you're covered up
• pillow to lay your head on
• oyster card holder on the side of the folded tube map
• easy access to pockets when you wear the garment
• patchwork inspired by elements found on the bridge (this case: stop lights)
• folded sewing kit, toilet kit, and first aid kit inside a pocket
• spork (spoon/fork/knife), tampon, condom, and glow stick in another pocket
• free beer tokens, compass, and carabine hook

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‘escharpe’ was part of a group (Kingston University MA Design students) exhibition 51°30’ 21”N / 0°5’21”W at Shunt, London Bridge vaults, as part of the evenings programme of events:






poster by Bev